My Work

I balance my work between both functional and decorative art I work mostly in stoneware and porcelain, but sometimes experiment with other clay bodies to see how the glazes I use react to the new chemistry.

My shape and glazes reflect the shape and essence of the vessel. I generally work within only five or six glazes creating change with layering and blending of the glazes to create new colors and variations with chemistry and fire.  Some of my glazes respond directly to the iron contained in the stoneware or, inversely, to the absence of iron in the porcelain.

Finally, I finish and fire the piece; even in the midst of the flames, I remain connected to my work.  There is nothing more rewarding than seeing someone connect with one of my pieces and take it home to enjoy as much as I did its making.

Most bowls on this page are about 16 inches wide and 8 inches high.  Please click on any of the bowls to enlarge and see the full effect of the glazes.  These are a sampling of my work most have sold.

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photo 5

Salt yellow with VC green

Salt yellow with VC green

Salt yellow and VC green in soda firing

Salt yellow and patinated green

Salt yellow and VC green in reduction firing

Salt yellow and patinated green

Rutile blue and black

Midnight sky blues and black

Red and Black

Copper red and black

B Brown

Luscious honey golden brown with a black bottom.

B Brown and black 2

Deep brown with golden highlights

VC green and celodon

Patinated copper green

photo 10

Black/blue green

photo 6



New platters