Artist’s Statement

I began working with clay years ago in school but life’s journeys interrupted that connection until I started working for Syracuse University about 15 years ago when I decided to re-explore ceramics.  When I first worked with clay it was as a sculpture, when I came back to clay I began making functional work. Throwing bowls on the wheel is incredibly comforting to me; it takes me to a very special place.

My influences are the people around me who mentor and inspire me, students, professors and fellow artists alike.  The collaborative culture we find in a studio environment like we have at Syracuse University is immeasurable.

Today I mostly work in white stoneware and porcelain; my glazes reflect the shape and character of the vessel.  I am honored to connect with people in this way.  I am very thankful to Margie Hughto, my mentor and my friend for all that she inspires in me and my art, and my wife and best friend Barb, for always supporting me, my dreams and my art.